Company Profile

The Company

Lotus Ride Inc. is a well-established radio car company since 1986 with a solid new management team.

Lotus Ride Inc. offers the highest quality service to corporate and professional clients. The service has been designed with substantial input from several frequent law firm radio car users and reflects their many requests and suggestions.

The Operation

The company is currently on voice data dispatching providing ground transportation services to major corporate and professional clients. Drivers are franchisees of the company.

The fleet is maintained by a self-policy system and security committee in accordance with the Franchise Law of New York.


Lotus Ride Inc. strives to provide the highest standard of luxury car service in the industry.  Our drivers are required to be safe, courteous and have knowledge of the surrounding areas.  All of our accounts are closely monitored in order to satisfy the client'’s needs.

Furthermore, we presently offer a Preferred Service to meet our client's unique lifestyle.

We are currently working to improve our dispatching system with online reservation service. It will be designed to expedite client’s request for service in the minimum amount of time possible while providing our reservationists pertinent data to expeditiously process the call, such as call back telephone numbers and frequent pick up and drop off locations.

Most client contacts are known in person through initial sales call, follow up meetings and client service visits. Frequent telephone contact with clients assists Lotus Ride Inc. in monitoring quality control of our drivers on the road.

Now we can fulfill our clients’ requirements for stretch limousines, vans and mini-buses. Our on-site dispatching service provides our clients and their guests with City-style valet car service at their corporate functions during the holiday season and at other corporate sponsored events throughout the year.